new zine : dig deep 7 / tongueswell 3 split


Holy crap, this is a split zine between Heather of Dig Deep and Jen of Tongueswell, and it’s awesome. In DD Heather talks about her newfound love of running, mainly from the perspective of her fear of violence when running alone, and how running anyway has helped her feel fierce in her body. It reminds me of how zero women enjoy being catcalled by men, and how mentally-ill it is that men keep doing it anyway! In Tongueswell, Jen details her customer service experiences working at a cafe, and manages to describe odd customer behavior while not belittling the customers at all. She ends the zine with a story of adopting a sick cat. A solid read.

Dig Deep #7 / Tongueswell #3. 1/4 size. $2 Small Buy Now Button

new zine : resist


After a 5-year hiatus, Mat Resist writes issue #47, a zine packed with detailed DIY stories and instructions. Mat details topics like: starting a garden using raised beds, how to butcher your own thanksgiving turkey, how to create a washtub bass, installing an exterior spigot, fixing your bike, and more. And even if you don’t intend to DIY any of these projects in your own home, Mat tells stories about each project, almost like an instruction-memoir hybrid. Super fascinating.

Resist #47. 1/2 size. $4 Small Buy Now Button