Sleeping Creatures is a website where I sell my own zines, and a few zines my friends made.

What’s up with the name? I’ve long thought of my creativity as sleeping creatures who I need to wake up. Wake up!

Who am I? I’m A.E.H., the author of a zine called Alex. I’ve also one-off zines like Anxiety Toolkit and Maps in My Mind. I have been making zines since I was in high school in the early 1990’s (aha! you do the math!) Zines mean so much to me because they were a form of freedom for me when I was younger; they were a form of expression and voice when I didn’t otherwise have one. I still feel that way about zines, actually. Zines are community, and self-expression, and spaces where there are no editors. Zines are fucking awesome, is what I’m trying to say. Make a zine!

Questions? Fill out this simple form and I’ll email you back.

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