Sleeping Creatures Distro is a Brooklyn based distro that carries zines.

What’s up with the name? I’ve long thought of my creativity as sleeping creatures who I need to wake up. Wake up!

What about subject? I have a preference for personal zines, or perzines, but other than that, this distro does not collect zines on any particular subject. The zines here could truly be “about” anything in the world. Sleeping Creatures will carry DIY, health, queer, perzines, travel zines, zines about breakups, zines about your mom–really, it doesn’t matter. (That said I will not carry zines I find offensive.)

Who am I? I’m Alex Anne Der, the author of a zine called Alex. I have been making zines since I was in high school in the early 1990’s (aha! you do the math!) Zines mean so much to me because they were a form of freedom for me when I was younger; they were a form of expression and voice when I didn’t otherwise have one. I still feel that way about zines, actually. Zines are community, and self-expression, and spaces where there are no editors. Zines are fucking awesome, is what I’m trying to say. Make a zine!

Questions? check out the contribute page

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